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This new baby girl was born to a couple after 14 years of Marriage

New born surrogacy-Baby
This new baby girl was born to a couple after 14 years of Marriage. The mother had a problem of endometrioses and was operated when she was just 22. In her own words she was used like a guinea pig while treating for infertility in these past 14 years IVF was done three times and innumerable IUIs and medications. She was fed up and had lost all hope and it was then that they came to know about surrogacy and here at GIFT IVF the dream was fulfilled.
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Baby Through Surrogacy for a Couple Were Craving for a Baby More Than 8 Years

Children is a blessing from God. My husband and myself were waiting for that blessing from longtime. We couldn't answer the series of questions from our relatives and friends regarding the reason why we were not having a child. Then we were trying to adopt a child to fulfill our dream to complete our family. I have contacted several people in India and Australia for adopting a child. But there was no hope. They told that India is currently on hold and adoption from India is not possible for a couple of years due to large number of applications. However we came to know about surrogacy and a hope arose. Last year we heard about Gift IVF and contacted the director of Gift IVF Athani. We are very happy with our experience with Gift IVF from the beginning of our surrogacy. Finally our dream come true and I strongly recommend this facility to others. It is hard to find a good facility these days that keep all the standards including confidentiality. I am sure that you will enjoy your surrogacy experience here. Start building your family and enjoy every moment. Good luck everyone.


new born babynew born baby

Testimonial From Liz and David Johnson

Through the GIFT-Gyno clinic my husband and I have realized our dream of having a child -- three times over. On August 26, 2015, at the age of 46, I gave birth to three healthy and beautiful babies, after undergoing ivf treatment at this first-rate clinic. Our new, happy family could not have been established without the expertise and dedication of the GIFT-Gyno doctors and staff. Dr. Anita and Dr. Mani walked us through the process step-by-step, and reassured us that they would help us meet our goals throughout. I became pregnant with triplets on our very first attempt. The GIFT-Gyno staff provided for a simple and easy process, and ensured that we understood each and every step. We thank the GIFT-Gyno clinic for making our dreams come true!!
Liz and David Johnson
Testimonial GIFT Gyno IVF


We got married nine years ago and as with any family we wanted a baby and had been trying desperately with various clinics and methods. Since nothing worked we had to go for surrogacy as all other options were closed for us. After thorough search of surrogacy clinics, we chose Gyno Gift Centre and now we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Though surrogacy does not require much involvement of the intended parents, we were anxious about the surrogate and the mental and physical situation during the pregnancy period. The most interesting thing was we had complete access to communicate with the surrogate mother and full information regarding the tests and scan reports was updated on a regular basis, that we had no apprehensions and was free during the whole pregnancy period as the surrogate was taken care in the hospital itself. We used to visit the surrogate mother and see her in person - her health and living conditions. She was staying in the hospital with her two year old child and she was very comfortable as she had no worries or tensions about everyday life since her childs and her everyday food and nutrition, physical exercise and other needs were taken care of, and she had nothing to worry about. Also she had the company of other surrogates and all in all they were having a merry time. This I was very particular as I know this would affect the mental situation of my unborn baby and fortunately, I was lucky enough to find Gyno Gift Centre providing all these and I could see for myself anytime the status of my baby and the surrogate.I would like to thank Dr. Mani and the staff who were always very helpful I answering all my queries and as I found out from my surrogate - hospital staff was very friendly and always available at a beck and call from surrogates in helping them out in anyway. I dont think I have enough words to thank you so much for helping us out with a healthy and a happy beautiful baby.

S. Sajeev


Gerard Sansico From Australia

Dear Dr Mani,

I take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation, thanks and gratitude, for the genuine hospitality and service you have provided for my family.
You have given our family the most precious, priceless gift in the World a beautiful baby girl.
I was very impressed with your passion, expertise and out most professionalism in the manner you and your wife operate your clinic. At all times you have demonstrated to me, that you are not driven by money and greed, because you have a sincere passion, genuine empathy in helping prospective parents becoming parents.
My family experience with you and your clinic has been a very pleasant, memorable and pleasurable experience, which we will remember for the rest of our lives.
I was taken back on how you take extreme care of all your patients, as if they were your own family. Your staffs have been very generous, professional and very helpful at all times.
Many westerners are dubious in dealing with Indians society, because they are afraid of being swindled with their money, cheated and frustrated dealing with the complicated Bureaucracy governed by India. This definitely is not the case with you, because at all times you have demonstrated to me your professionalism, integrity, loyalty, honesty and sincere empathy in helping prospective parents, achieve the ultimate gift on earth, which is a child of course.
I am more than happy to discuss with your prospective parents, who are contemplating treatment at your clinic, the pleasant experience we had at your clinic. Also I am pleased to highly recommend your clinic to prospective patients and I am hoping that the many other IVF clinics throughout India, will emulate your protocols, high morales and principles and sound transparent business practices, in operating their clinics the way you operate your clinic.
Once again, my whole family thank you and lovely wife Anita, down the bottom of our hearts, for taking good care of us while in India and giving us a beautiful gift of life.


Gerard Sansico
From Victoria - Australia


At the age of 39, a baby girl through surrogacy at gift IVF centre.

Mrs. Mary had undergone 3 times lapratomy and 2 times laparoscopy for Endometriotic cyst, which was reccuring every time. Last surgery ended up in Hysterectomy (removal of uterus), because of heavy bleeding. At the age of 39,she was blessed with baby girl, through surrogacy at gift IVF centre.

Mrs.Shobha had fibroids and failed IVF 4n times after several failed IUI

Mrs.Shobha had fibroids and failed IVF 4n times after several failed IUI (19 Times).At the age of 45 there were blessed with twins, a healthy girl 2.8 kg and healthy boy 2.6 kg. They just celebrated 3rd birthday, in December 2013.


Mrs.Sarah had undergone 8 attempts of ICSI(3 times in various centres in India and 4 times in USA), they had come for adoption, but it did not succeed because of time limit issue, as they were settled in USA. A casual enquiry resulted in success, when they came of 3 day visit, her husband gave semen sample. The frozen sample was used for donor egg IVF and surrogacy, resulted in pregnancy and cute little baby girl.

Mrs.Angelina from Austria

Mrs.Angelina from Austria was born without uterus at birth. She has successful baby through surrogacy and obtained visa within 4 weeks after delivery.