Success Rates in Infertility Treatment


World wide , IUI success is around 7 to 20 % .
Medicines 10 % , medicine plus injections 20% .
it will be higher if 4 to 6 cycles are done . Also the success is higher with donor sperm Iui (20 to 40%after 4 cycles ) .
At GIFT , IUI success is 8% in bangalore and 13 % in cochin , may be because the quality of sperms are quite bad in bangalore generally .


International Success in IVF is 30 to 60 % depending on quality of embryos , which in turn is dependant on gametes . The younger the women , better the result. BMI and ovarian reserve are other important factors. There are genetic problems in 50 % of the cases , which may not get detected , mostly , and that the reason the success is low .
At GIFT , it is high in couple with normal children and in young women less than 30 years , 60% .( ivf for secondary infertility can done for couple with child )


Success in ICSI are similar to IVF, but will be less if the sperms are very poor in quality .
Even if egg fertilises , it may not implant if its not good embryo. GIFT success in creating embryo is high , ie 80% , but live birth rate after ICSI for abnormal semen is around 30% .


Laparoscopy seems to be very helpful , especially in case of PCOS , and 60 % conceive after that .


Surrogacy has good success even if patient fails all the other procedures , especially if donor egg is used . Up to 80 % couple will be able to take home baby after surrogacy with DE.
Doing repeated cycles of IVF or FET may be needed , to find success , but more than 3 cycles of ivf are NOT recommended . FET can be done any number of times , as it does not involve stimulation or egg pick up.

Success rate rests on embryo quality, which in turn is dependent on quality of the egg and sperm. So in cases of advanced age or diseased ovaries, donor egg option is available which has higher success rate. Success is higher when multiple cycles of IVF are tried .