Panel of Doctors


Dr S.Mani

Dr S ManiMBBS. DTCD exp 25 yrs
Director and surrogacy specialist
Surrogacy from 2007

Dr.S. Mani is a great visionary and he had a dream of providing world class facilities in the field of ART ( artificial reproductive technology ). In 2003, his dream project was materialized in the form of Gyno Gift hospital in Athani, cochin in the picturesque state of kerala , near the Nedumbassery international airport. This world class hospital caters exclusively to services related to infertility and Surrogacy.

Dr Mani and Dr. Anita Mani had returned to India after five years of valuable experience in the UK. Great planning was executed by Dr Mani from the very start, right from choosing the place, which is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hospital was personally designed by Dr. Mani and Dr. Anita Mani. The building encompasses 20,000 sq ft and neatly accommodates the O.P. Department and the theatre complex, the ART lab is well integrated with the OT. The three floors house the patients and surrogates. The hospital has an in house canteen and a staff hostel. Dr Mani had arranged for all equipments to be shipped from the UK, well before the construction.

His hard work, dedication and determination has paid off and the hospital has bloomed into an internationally acclaimed IVF and surrogacy center. Dr Mani works with zealous vision and always chooses his team with great expertise, so he is always supported by a strong team. Being an able administrator is definitely helpful in managing such a big hospital.

One has to be very sharp in order to keep things smoothly flowing, especially in maintaining IVF lab, as there is always troubleshooting. Owing to the fruitful result of his constant efforts, the patients are extremely grateful and are often reduced to tears when they hold their baby. His transparency and honesty are well appreciated by native and foreign couples alike. His patients can approach him for counsel any time of the day in person or by phone , Skype or email which is very reassuring to the intended parents.

Patience is Dr. Manis virtue which is quite rare these days and he is blessed to be able to answer all patents doubts and counsel them thoroughly. His strong legal support and his ability to take up issues with embassies has helped him in overcoming the legal issues relating to surrogacy.He makes it a point to attend all international meetings on surrogacy, as a faculty or as a participant. He ensures that all other doctors are getting regular training to stay up to date and freely allows leave for this purpose.

His caring and concerned nature has helped him to empathise with patients, to be sensitive to their issues and to kind to them if they have financial problems.

This is perhaps the only hospital in the world which has been doing free IVF, once every month for a poor patient without advertising the fact. On a personal level, he always takes minimum food and spends only on basic needs, and is very health conscious. He always advise others to follow a healthy diet and is a role model not only to his patients but also to his colleagues and family members.

His business acumen has helped in expansion and two more hospitals were opened in Bangalore at Marthahalli and Indira Nagar, specializing in IVF and surrogacy.

The pride of estabilishing surrogacy successfully in kerala and South India goes to Dr. Mani. He completed his medical education from Thirupathy University in Andhra Pradesh and effortlessly started his independent medical practice in kerala in 1988, speaking a totally strange language Malayalam, which he mastered in a short time.

Thinking modern and being secular, he actually had an arranged marriage with a catholic Keralite, who was then a medical student. Different culture demands a lot of adaptability, and even couples from same culture often struggle to adapt, but for this couple all the difficulties they faced in their life was a challenge . He is a role model for Indian husbands, in that he actually encouraged his wife to pursue her higher education in medicine all the while supporting her in caring for the children.

Dr. Anita Mani

Academic qualifications:

MBBS (Kottayam Medical College), MRCOG (Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, London), DFFP (ART Warwick university, London)

Work Experience /career summary:Dr-Anita-Mani

Dr. Anita was trained and employed in infertility treatment in the United Kingdom for 5 years. She worked as an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Worcester royal Infirmary, Maidstone Hospital, Sharoe Green Hospital, Leeds university Hospital, Barnet General Hospital, St. Cross Hospital, in the UK. The experience gained through working with different NHS hospitals in the UK, helped her professionally develop in her career at her very early stage of life. During her first posting in the UK, Laparoscopy procedure was initiated, She also travels across the world for medical conferences and does medical consultation in other countries such as Australia, USA and UK. Since establishing the hospital in Athani, Kerala in the year 2003 with the support of her husband Dr.S. Mani, she has been successfully handling many high risk pregnancy cases; repeated miscarriages and infertility cases. This success resulted in opening of a new clinic in Bangalore and with strong determination, she travels between Bangalore and Cochin continuously for medical emergencies, effortlessly managing both the hospitals .

Areas of expertise:

She has mastered in Artificial reproductive technology treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor egg, donor sperm, laparoscopy, surrogacy etc. Patients come to Dr. Anita from far and wide for getting expert opinion and treatment on rare conditions, abnormal babies, repeated intrauterine death, repeated abortions, repeated IVF / ICSI failures, second opinion on surgeries, severe medical problems in pregnancy etc. She has successfully completed over 5000 Laparoscopies, without any complications or mortality.

Personal summary:

Dr Anita Mani holds a multifaceted personality. She is very keen to educate the society about the various aspects of infertility like, how to avoid infertility, psychological implications, treatment options etc, so she dedicates a lot of her time towards these social activities. She regularly writes article in Newspapers, Blogs (, upload YouTube videos and delivers health talks on television channels. She has done over 80 episodes of health talk on Asianet TV,(highly popular Malayalam Regional channel) and currently she is doing her health talk series Conceive on Medibiz TV .Teaching and Training has been an integral part of her profession and she has trained innumerable staff and doctors in the field of infertility. In medical meetings, she always advocates patients safety in the form of single embryo transfer and honesty in all her medical practices. She doesn’t believe in giving false reassurances and setting high and/or false expectations to patients regarding success rates in infertility treatment and often turns down patients from IVF if they cannot afford it or does it free of cost, if she finds there is a good chance for success.She strongly believes in the natural way of treatment, hence she always promotes physical activities like Yoga, Aerobics and Dance in any form to reduce PCOS and improve fertility combined with a healthy diet. Dr. Anita does not believe in preaching alone, she practices what she preaches. She enjoys farming, yoga and dancing as stress bursting activities. She can speak English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and understand Telugu.



Dr. Chandan -Phd in Embryology (Prescott University of London). Exp 5 yrs

Msc in Microbiology

Dr.Chandan is highly experienced, well trained and skilled Embryologist, with exposure of National and International IVF centers. He is the IVF counselor at GIFT IVF center, completed his non residential prestigious Ph.D with work of excellence in ART from Prescott University of London.
His dedicated work and patient friendly atmosphere been on of the key success for GIFT IVF Center team. All the cases were discussed with Dr.MANI and Dr.Anithamani to serve the patient and to achieve best possible success for the couples and bring smile on their faces. His research on antimicrobial activity won 2nd prize in an National symposium against all competitors throughout India.
Dr Chandan acquired hands-on-training from two renowned international institutions, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore and Embryology Academy Of Research Training (EART)
Dr. Chandan was trained under Dr. James Catt at CREST Centre for Reproductive Education & Specialist Training. Founded by Professor P. C. Wong, Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National University Hospital (NUH) is the Asias first Fertility Training Centre based in Singapore.
Dr. Chandan obtained his training from esteemed doctors, Dr.Kersi Avari and Dr.Vijaykumar at Embryology Academy Of Research Training (EART), a Young Emerging New Dimension in the field of ART Education. EART initiated sincere and honest efforts to understand current needs of the embryologists & gynecologists for learning various ART techniques(IUI, IVF, ICSI & Cryopreservation . Coupled with critical care management and laboratory skills EART also provided a comprehensive exposure to the whole setup of assisted human reproduction and imparts all skill and precision which could be acquired from in depth knowledge and experience.
EART is accredited by CRM Center for Reproductive Medicine Cleveland University, USA.

Dr. Arun GudiBsc, Msc, MFIL, Phd 15 yrs

An extremely skilled and dedicated Embryologist, Dr.Arun is a full time Embryologist at GIFT. He has extensive experience from the 15 year period as an Embryologist. There is excellent Coordination, as all the cases are discussed among Dr.Anitha,Dr.Mani and Dr. Arun to plan the best treatment.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Charulatha – MBBS, DGO ( DNB). 20 yrs
Dr. Vivek -MS. DMAS. 3 years


Dr Geetha S Shankar- 15 yrs

Infertility consultant

Dr. Kavitha – MBBS & DGO. 15 yrs

Laparoscopy Surgeon

Dr. Denny Kuttikatt MBBS MS FRCS 6 yrs uk and 14 yrs india


Dr .Wahab – MBBS, MD, DNB, 22 yrs
Dr. Mansoor – MBBS, DNB. 8 yrs.