Exercise and Tips for Conceiving

Diet and exercise together will help in maintaining weight and proper blood circulation. Blood circulation is very important as penile erection is maintained only by pooling of blood in penis.
It is better to do natural form of exercise like gardening ,trekking, swimming , which will improve physical condition and also will relax mind. Walking ,jogging etc are also good , but too much working out in Gym may have negative effect . Especially along with steroid intake , the testosterone drops drastically which adversely affects fertility.


Swimming is very good as it reduces the temperature of scrotum. Low temperature will increase sperm count and motility.
The sugar and cholesterol levels should be normal , for the optimal functioning of reproductive system.


The most powerful effect of yoga practice on a person’s fertility is through calming restorative effect on the mind and body. A quite,stable mind and body promotes fertility. In addition to stress relief, yoga has effects by improving the blood circulation,affecting the nervous system,improving the mobility of organs,improving hormone release,causing muscle stretching and relaxation and also by affecting the mind and the way of thinking.


Have a good laugh,
Humour has proven to
Improve vascularity and sexual function


Avoid abstaining for prolonged periods,as more prostatic infections noted leading to liquefaction problem in semen.
Avoid unprotected intercourse with unknown partners,as it can cause STD.